Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Almost done with my first week of nursing school!

Since this is the first post, I'll give the lowdown on what's up with this blog. The reason for starting? According to Google search, there are very few atheist nurses.. or at least very few who speak about it on the interweb. There are a surprising number, but still not very many. I think there was another atheist nurse blog, an adult nursing student. Not sure if s/he still updates the blog though.

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while, mainly for my own amusement and secondly for the small seed of a dream inside my brain that hopes I'll be on one day for something crazy I've done or taken part in. Sitting in school the past few days with my 100 fellow classmates (only 100 get accepted/semester) I began wondering whether I was the only atheist in my class, and, seeing as how I'm in Texas, how long it would take before one of them asked me which church I belong to. Of course, I will proudly but gently let them know that I am an atheist and welcome any questions they may have about how we eat fetal pigs and run around nursing homes punching residents in the face.

So, to summarize the scrambled mess of words and ideas above, I am starting this blog with two objectives:

1. To have a clich├ęd "OMG I'm a nursing student!" place to talk about all my first experiences in various hospital/clinical settings (the first of which is in 3 weeks and will be in the trauma unit)

2. To hopefully show that atheists can be (and are) extremely compassionate people with a great respect for life (this is our only one, after all) and can be damn good nurses, to boot.

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Anonymous said...

I am a fellow atheist nursing student at a large Memphis University. I left a career in the secular business world because I felt that nursing was my passion, but was totally blindsighted by the backlash I endured when my fellow nursing students found out about my "lack of faith". Personally, I feel that there is a need for secular nurses out there who can provide impartial care to groups of people such as LGBT, non-christians, etc. Kudoos to you for being brave enough to blog about this important issue!